EuroGP2001 18-20 April 2001
Lake Como (Milan), Italy
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EuroGP2001 camera ready instructions

Camera ready deadline: Thursday 25th of January 2000

This is a hard deadline and papers sent after this date will not be published in the Conference Proceedings. Both hard and electronic copies of your paper are required. Please follow these instruction carefully.

Papers for poster presentations should be no longer than 12 A4 pages and papers for oral presentations should be no longer than 16 A4 pages. The material in papers must represent substantially new work that has not been previously published by conferences, journals, or edited books etc. in the field of evolutionary computation. By submitting a camera-ready final paper to the conference the authors agree that substantially the same material will not be published by another conference in the field (however, material may conceivably be later revised and submitted to an EC journal or material may be submitted to a non-EC conference, such as an applications conference). By submitting a camera-ready paper the author(s) also agree that at least one author will attend and present each accepted paper at the conference.

Hard copy

Papers should be sent to:

Computer Science,
University College, London,
Gower Street,
London, WC1E 6BT, UK

If you have any queries before then contact Bill via:

Phone: +44 20 7679 4436
Fax: +44 20 7387 1397

Please make sure that your paper confirms to the following requirements:

  1. It conforms with format Springer-Verlag's specification for Lecture Notes in Computer Science (see

  2. It must (of course) be de-anonymized to include all references and authors titles and details.

  3. It must be printed single sided with NO page numbers.

  4. Send 2 copies of your paper.

  5. Ensure your paper is accompanied by a signed copyright form.

Electronic copy

In addition to sending the hardcopy to Bill Langdon please also send the following by email to

  1. Up to 6 keywords must be indicated (for indexing purposes).

  2. The source document for the paper (i.e LateX, Tex, MS Word, ...) - preferably zipped, including .bbl file (for Latex/Tex users).

  3. The Postscript version of the paper (preferably zipped).

  4. All figures used in the paper (i.e .eps, ...).

  5. If you are sending NON LateX/TeX source files then also send PDF version.

  6. Please also send plain text version of the paper abstract (for web site).

Camera ready instruction for EvoWorkshops2001 will be provided in due course. In the mean time, please contact the workshop chairmen if you have any queries.

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