EuroGP2001 18-20 April 2001
Lake Como (Milan), Italy
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EuroGP2001 accepted papers

Poster presentations

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Bill Langdon
Peter Nordin
Evolving Inverse Kinematics and Stereo Vision for a Humanoid Robot Arm
Martijn C.J. Bot Feature Extraction for the k-Nearest Neighbour Classifier with Genetic Programming
Jens Niehaus
Wolfgang Banzhaf
Adaption of Operator Probabilities in Genetic Programming
Bart Rylander
Terry Soule
James Foster
Computational Complexity, Genetic Programming, and Implications
Steven M. Gustafson
William H. Hsu
Layered Learning in Genetic Programming for a Co-operative Robot Soccer Problem
J Eggermont
T Lenaerts
S Poyhonen
A Termier
Raising the Dead; Extending Evolutionary Algorithms with a Case-based Memory
Ankur Teredesai
J. Park 
V. Govindaraju
Active Handwritten Character Recognition using Genetic Programming.
Forrest Bennett 
Brad Dolin
Eleanor Rieffel
Programmable Smart Membranes: Using Genetic Programming to Evolve Scalable Distributed Controllers for a Novel Self-Reconfigurable Modular Robotic Application.
Massimo Santini
Andrea Tettamanzi
Genetic Programming for Financial Time Series Pediction
Michael O'Neill
Conor Ryan
Maarten Keijzer
Mike Cattolico
Crossover in Grammatical Evolution: The Search Continues
Wolfgang Kantschik
Wolfgang Banzhaf
Introduction of Linear-Tree GP and comparision with other GP structures.
Eva Brucherseifer
Peter Bechtel
Stephan Freyer
Peter Marenbach
An Indirect Block-Oriented Representation for Genetic Programming
Enzo Bolis
Christian Zerbi
Pierre Collet
Jean Louchet
Evelyne Lutton
A GP Artificial Ant for image processing : preliminary experiments with EASEA.

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