EuroGP2001 18-20 April 2001
Lake Como (Milan), Italy
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EuroGP2001 accepted papers

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Oral presentations

Authors Title (select title to see abstract)
R Poli
N McPhee
Exact Schema Theorems for GP with One-Point and Standard Crossover Operating on Linear Stuctures and their Application to the Study of the Evolution of Size
Giandomenico Spezzano
Gianluigi Folino
Clara Pizzuti
CAGE: A Tool for Parallel Genetic Programming Applications
Tina Yu Polymorphism and Genetic Programming
Rolf Drechsler
Nicole Drechsler 
Frank Schmiedle
Daniel Grosse
Heuristic Learning based on Genetic Programming
F. Fernandez
L. Vanneschi
Studying the Influence of Communication Topology and Migration on Distributed Genetic Programming
Marc Ebner Evolving Color Constancy for an Artificial Retina
Steve Margetts
Antonia J Jones
An Adaptive Mapping for Developmental Genetic Programming
Riccardo Poli General Schema Theory for Genetic Programming with Subtree-Swapping Crossover
Anargyros Sarafopoulos Evolution of Affine Transformations and Iterated Function Systems using Hierarchical Evolution Strategy
Edgar E. Vallejo
Fernando Ramos
Evolving Turing machines for Biosequences Recognition and Analysis.
Jeroen Eggermont
Jano I. van Hemert
Adaptive Genetic Programming Applied to New and Existing Simple Regression Problems
Maarten Keijzer
Conor Ryan
Michael O'Neill
Mike Cattolico
Vladin Babovic
Ripple Crossover in Genetic Programming
Valentino Liberali
Andrea Tettamanzi
An Evolutionary Approach to Automatic Generation of VHDL Code for Low-Power Digital Filters
W. B. Langdon
B. Buxton
Evolving Receiver Operating Characteristics for Data~Fusion
Tina Yu
Julian Miller
Neutrality and the Evolvability of Boolean Function Landscape
Nic McPhee
Riccardo Poli
A schema theory analysis of the evolution of size in genetic programming with linear representations
Simon Roberts
Daniel Howard
John Koza
Evolving modules in Genetic Programming by subtree encapsulation

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