GOTEBORG, 26-27 May, 1999

Accepted Papers

The following papers have been accepted for presentation.
talk Meta-Evolution in Graph GP W. Kantschik, P. Dittrich, M. Brameier, W. Banzhaf
talk Genetic programming of a goal-keeper control strategy for the RoboCup mid-size competition G. Adorni, S. Cagnoni
talk Automatic generation of affine IFS and strongly typed genetic programming Anargyros Sarafopoulos
talk Sub-Machine-Code GP: New Results and Extensions Riccardo Poli
talk Boolean Functions Fitness Spaces W. B. Langdon and R. Poli
talk Genetic Programming Discovers Efficient Learning Rules for the Hidden and Output Layers of Feedforward Neural Networks Amr Radi and Riccardo Poli
talk Genetic Programming as a Darwinian Invention Machine John R. Koza, Forrest H Bennett III and Oscar Stiffelman
talk Smooth Uniform Crossover with Smooth Point Mutation in Genetic Programming: A Preliminary Study J. Page, R. Poli and W. B. Langdon
talk Evolution of Ship Detectors for Satellite SAR Imagery Daniel Howard, Simon C. Roberts and Richard Brankin
talk Busy Beaver - The Influence of Representation Penousal Machado, Francisco B. Pereira, Ami'lcar Cardoso, Ernesto Costa
talk Evolving Multi-line Compilable C Programs Michael O'Neill, Conor Ryan
talk Phenotype Plasticity in Genetic Programming A comparison of Darwinian and Lamarckian inheritance schemes Anna I Esparcia-Alcazar and Ken Sharman
poster Evolving an environment model for robot localization Marc Ebner
poster How to Invent Functions J. Roland Olsson
poster Automatic Parallelization of Arbitrary Programs Conor Ryan and Laur Ivan
poster Evolving Controllers for Autonomous Agents Using Genetically Programmed Networks Arlindo Silva, Ana Neves and Ernesto Costa
poster Concurrent Genetic Programming, Tartarus and Dancing Agents Adrian Trenaman
poster Evolving Neural Network Structures by Means of Genetic Programming Wolfgang Golubski and Thomas Feuring
poster Evolving Fuzzy Rule Based Classifiers with GA-P: A Grammatical Approach. Santiago Garc'ia, Ferm'in Gonzalez, Luciano S'anchez
poster Anytime Genetic Programming Alessandro Bollini and Marco Piastra
poster Robotic Control Using Reactive and Memory Based Genetic Programming Bjo"rn Andersson, Per Svensson, Peter Nordin and Mats Nordahl
poster Genetic Reasoning Evolutionary Induction of Mathematical Proofs Peter Nordin, Anders Eriksson and Mats Nordahl
poster Adapting the fitness function in GP for data mining J. Eggermont, A. E. Eiben, J. I. van Hemert


Camera ready papers for workshop: 15 February 1999
Workshop: 26-27 May 1999

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