2nd European Workshop on Evolutionary Bioinformatics
Monday 5 April        
0830 Registration desk opens
0930-1100 Conference openings and plenary session:   invited speaker Stephanie Forrest
1100-1120 Coffee break
1120-1250 Protein Structure Prediction (chair: Alex Freitas)
A Memetic Algorithm for Protein Structure Prediction in a 3D-Lattice HP Model
Andrea Bazzoli, Andrea G B Tettamanzi
Evolving Regular Expression-based Sequence Classifiers for Protein Nuclear Localisation
Amine Heddad, Markus Brameier, Robert MacCallum
Two-Step Genetic Programming for Optimization of RNA Common-Structure
Jin-Wu Nam, Je-Gun Joung, Young-Sirk, Byoung-Tak Zhang
1250-1415 Lunch
1415-1545 Genes Interactions and Phylogenetic Search (chair: Carlos Cotta)
An Improved Grammatical Evolution Strategy for Hierarchical Petri Net Modeling
of Complex Genetic Systems
Jason Moore, Lance Hahn
Iteratively Inferring Gene Regulatory Networks with Virtual Knockout Experiments
Christian Spieth, Felix Streichert, Nora Speer, Andreas Zell
Discrete Branch Length Representations for Genetic Algorithms in Phylogenetic Search
Jian Shen, Robert Heckendorn
1545-1600 Coffee break
1600-1730 Feature Selection in Microarray and Pattern Proteomic Data (chair: Jason Moore)
Evolutionary Search of Thresholds for Robust Feature Set Selection: Application to the
Analysis of Microarray Data
Carlos Cotta, Christian Sloper, Pablo Moscato
Analysis of Proteomic Pattern Data for Cancer Detection
Kees Jong, Elena Marchiori, Aad van der Vaart
1730-1900 EuroGP Posters Session
1930 plus Conference Reception at Town Hall
Tuesday 6 April        
0930-1100 Autonomous Modelling of HIV-immune System Interaction;
Optimal Control of Microbial Systems and of Fermentation Process
(chair: Elena Marchiori)
Self-adaptive Scouting---Autonomous Experimentation for Systems Biology
Naoki Matsumaru, Florian Centler, Klaus-Peter Zauner, Peter Dittrich
Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimal Control in Fed-batch Fermentation Processes
Miguel Rocha, José Neves, Isabel Rocha, Eugenio Ferreira
Constructing Microbial Consortia with Minimal Growth Using a Genetic Algorithm
Frederik P J Vandecasteele, Thomas F Hess, Ronald L Crawford
1100-1120 Coffee break
1120-1250 DNA Sequence Analysis (chair:  Dave Corne)
An Improved Genetic Algorithm for the Sequencing by Hybridization Problem
Carlos A Brizuela, Luis C González, Heidi J Romero
Multiple Sequence Alignment Using SAGA: Investigating the Effects of Operator Scheduling,
Population Seeding, and Crossover Operators
Rene Thomsen, Wouter Boomsma
1250-1415 Lunch