4th European Conference on Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimization
Monday 5 April            
0830 Registration desk opens
0930-1100 Conference openings and plenary session:   invited speaker Stephanie Forrest
1100-1120 Coffee break
1120-1250 Constrained Problems (chair: Günther Raidl)
A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for Solving the Register Allocation Problem
Betul Demiroz, Haluk Topcuoglu, Mahmut Kandemir
A Study into Ant Colony Optimisation, Evolutionary Computation and Constraint Programming
on Binary Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Jano I. van Hemert, Christine Solnon
Hardness Prediction for the University Course Timetabling Problem
Philipp Kostuch, Krzysztof Socha
1250-1415 Lunch
1415-1545 Vehicle Routing (chair: Jürgen Branke)
Parallel Ant Systems for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Karl F. Doerner, Richard F. Hartl, Guenter Kiechle, Maria Lucka, Marc Reimann
Improving Vehicle Routing Using a Customer Waiting Time Colony
Samer Sa'adah, Peter Ross, Ben Paechter
Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem by Using Cellular Genetic Algorithms
Enrique Alba, Bernabé Dorronsoro (nominated for Best Paper EvoCOP2004)
1545-1600 Coffee break
1600-1800 Assignment and Clustering (chair: Martin Middendorf)
New Benchmark Instances for the QAP and the Experimental Analysis of Algorithms
Thomas Stützle, Susana Fernandes
Mutation Multiplicity in a Panmictic Two-Strategy Genetic Algorithm
Adnan Acan
Binary Merge Model Representation of the Graph Colouring Problem
István Juhos, Attila Tóth, Jano I. van Hemert
Clustering Nominal and Numerical Data: A New Distance Concept for a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
Laetitia Vermeulen-Jourdan, Clarisse Dhaenens, El-Ghazali Talbi
1730-1900 EuroGP Posters Session
1930 plus Conference Reception at Town Hall
Tuesday 6 April            
0930-1100 Cutting and Packing (chair: Jano van Hemert)
Ant Packing - An Ant Colony Optimization Approach for the One-dimensional Bin Packing Problem
Boris Brugger, Karl F. Doerner, Richard F. Hartl, Marc Reimann
(nominated for Best Paper EvoCOP2004)
Solving a Real-World Glass Cutting Problem
Jakob Puchinger, Günther R. Raidl, Gabriele Koller
A Hierarchical Social Metaheuristic for the Max-Cut Problem
Abraham Duarte, Felipe Fernández, Angel Sánchez, Antonio Sanz
1100-1120 Coffee break
1120-1250 Search Space Analysis and Theory (chair: Carlos Cotta)
Landscape Regularity and Random Walks for the Job-Shop Scheduling Problem
Christian Bierwirth, Dirk Christian Mattfeld, Jean-Paul Watson
On Search Space Symmetry in Partitioning Problems
Benjamin Weinberg, El-Ghazali Talbi
On the Structure of Sequential Search: Beyond "No Free Lunch"
Thomas English
1250-1415 Lunch
1415-1515 Multi-objective Problems (chair: Franz Rothlauf)
Dealing with Solution Diversity in an EA for Multiple Objective Decision Support - A Case Study
Alvaro Gomes, Carlos Henggeler Antunes, Antonio Gomes Martins
Hybrid Estimation of Distribution Algorithm for Multiobjective Knapsack Problem
Hui Li, Qingfu Zhang, Edward Tsang, John Ford (nominated for Best Paper EvoCOP2004)
1515-1530 Coffee break
1530-1630 Travelling Salesman Problem (chair: Karl Dörner)
Improving Edge Recombination through Alternate Inheritance and Greedy Manner
Chuan-Kang Ting
A Comparison of Adaptive Operator Scheduling Methods on the Traveling Salesman Problem
Wouter Boomsma
1630-1745 EuroGP Song Contest:
 live Interactive Evolutionary Algorithm experiment followed by winning performances
1800 plus Conference Dinner at Săo Marcos Palace
Wednesday 7 April          
0945-1115 Coding and Communication (chair: Jens Gottlieb)
Scatter Search and Memetic Approaches to the Error Correcting Code Problem
Carlos Cotta (nominated for Best Paper EvoCOP2004)
On the Use of Path Relinking for the p-Hub Median Problem
Melquiades Perez, Francisco Almeida Rodriguez, J Marcos Moreno Vega
Designing Reliable Communication Networks with a Genetic Algorithm Using a Repair Heuristic
Dirk Reichelt, Franz Rothlauf, Peter Gmilkowsky
1115-1130 Coffee break
1130-1245 Plenary session: invited speaker  Zbigniew Michalewicz
1245-1300 Conference closing, announcements and conference/workshop awards
1300-1400 Lunch
1400- Optional trip to Conimbriga Roman ruins