7th European Conference on Genetic Programming
Monday 5 April
0830 Registration desk opens
0930-1100 Conference openings and plenary session:   invited speaker Stephanie Forrest
1100-1120 Coffee break
1120-1250 Hardware/concurrency/fault-tolerance (chair: Wolfgang Banzhaf)
Designing Optimal Combinatorial Digital Circuits using a Multiple Logic Unit Processor
Sin Man Cheang, Kin Hong Lee, KwongSak Leung
A  Practical Approach to Evolving Concurrent Programs,
David Jackson
Co-evolving Faults to Improve the Fault Tolerance of Sorting Networks
Michael L. Harrison, James A. Foster
1250-1415 Lunch
1415-1545 Analysis (chair: Una-May O'Reilly)
Toward a Meaningful Comparison between Different Genetic Programming Systems
Hoai Xuan Nguyen, R I McKay, D Essam, H A Abbass
A Data Structure for Improved GP Analysis via Efficient Computation
and Visualisation of Population Measures
Aniko Ekart, Steven Gustafson
How to Choose Appropriate Function Sets for GP
Gang Wang, Terence Soule
1545-1600 Coffee break
1600-1730 Grammar-oriented approaches (chair: Conor Ryan)
Efficient Crossover in the GAuGE System
Miguel Nicolau and Conor Ryan
Improving Grammar Based Evolution Algorithms via Attributed Derivation Trees
Szilvia Zvada, Robert Vanyi
Evolutionary Induction of Grammar Systems for Multi-agent Cooperation
Clayton M. Johnson,  James Farrell
1730-1900 EuroGP Posters Session
Evolved Matrix Operations for Post-Processing Protein Secondary Structure Predictions
Varun Aggarwal, Robert MacCallum
Genetic Programming for Natural Language Parsing
Lourdes Araujo
Comparing hybrid systems to design and optimize artificial neural networks
Pedro A Castillo, Maribel . Arenas, J J Merelo, Gustavo Romero, Fatima Rateb, Alberto Prieto  
An Evolutionary Algorithm for the Input-Output Block Assignment Problem
Kit Yan Chan, Terence C Fogarty
Genetic Programming for Subjective Fitness Function Identification
Dan Costelloe, Conor Ryan
Saving Effort in Parallel GP by means of Plagues
Francisco Fernández, Aida Martín
Sampling of Unique Structures and Behaviours in Genetic Programming
Steven Gustafson, Edmund K. Burke, Graham Kendall
The Evolution of Concurrent Control Software Using Genetic Programming
John Hart, Martin Shepperd
Extending Grammatical Evolution to Evolve Digital Surfaces with Genr8
Martin Hemberg, Una-May O'Reilly
Evolving Text Classifiers with Genetic Programming
Laurence Hirsch, Masoud Saeedi, Robin Hirsch
Automatic Synthesis of Instruction Decode Logic by Genetic Programming
David Jackson
Alternatives in Subtree Caching for Genetic Programming
Maarten Keijzer
Structural Risk Minimization on Decision Trees Using An Evolutionary
Multiobjective Optimization
DaeEun Kim 
Global Distributed Evolution of L-Systems Fractals
W B Langdon
Reusing Code in Genetic Programming
Edgar Galvan Lopez, Riccardo Poli, Carlos A Coello Coello
Exploiting Reflection in Object Oriented Genetic Programming
Simon Lucas
Evolutionary Feature Construction using Information Gain  and Gini Index
Mohammed A Muharram, George D Smith
On the Evolution of Evolutionary Algorithms
Jorge Tavares, Penousal Machado, Amílcar Cardoso, Francisco B Pereira, Ernesto Costa
Genetic Programming with Gradient Descent Search for Multiclass Object Classification
Mengjie Zhang, Will Smart
1930 plus Conference Reception at Town Hall
Tuesday 6 April
0930-1100 Data modelling (chair: Maarten Keijzer)
Boosting technique for combining Cellular GP Classifiers
Gianluigi Folino, Clara Pizzuti, Giandomenico Spezzano
Evaluation of chess position by modular neural network generated by genetic algorithm
Nicolas Lassabe, François Scharffe, Camacho  Philippe, Autonès Mathieu, Aryel Beck, Hervé Luga
Lymphoma Cancer Classification Using Genetic Programming with SNR Features
Jin-Hyuk Hong and Sung-Bae Cho
1100-1120 Coffee break
1120-1250 Nominations for Best Paper Award (chair: Ernesto Costa)
Grammatical Evolution by Grammatical Evolution: The Evolution of Grammar and Genetic Code
Michael O'Neill, Conor Ryan
Evolution and Acquisition of Modules in Cartesian Genetic Programming
Julian Francis Miller, James A Walker
1250-1415 Lunch
1415-1515 Nominations for Best Paper Award (chair: Terry Soule)
Analysis of GP Improvement Techniques over the Real-World Inverse Problem of Ocean Colour
Grégory Valigiani, Cyril Fonlupt, Pierre Collet
Genetic Programming applied to Mixed Integer Programming
Konstantinos Kostikas, Charalambos Fragakis
1515-1530 Coffee break
1530-1630 Euro GP discussion
1630-1745 EuroGP Song Contest:
live Interactive Evolutionary Algorithm experiment followed by winning performances
1800 plus Conference Dinner at São Marcos Palace
Wednesday 7 April
0945-1115 Alternatives in Optimisation and Representations (chair: Julian Miller)
Constrained Molecular Dynamics as a Search and Optimization Tool
Riccardo Poli, Christopher R. Stephens
On the performance of Genetic Operators and the Random Key Representation
Eoin Ryan, R Muhammad Atif Azad, Conor Ryan
Coevolution of Genetic Algorithms and Deterministic Solutions of Equations in Free Groups
Richard F Booth and Alexandre V Borovik
1115-1130 Coffee break
1130-1245 Plenary session: invited speaker  Zbigniew Michalewicz
1245-1300 Conference closing, announcements and conference/workshop awards
1300-1400 Lunch
1400- Optional trip to Conimbriga Roman ruins