6th European Workshop on Evolutionary Computation in Image Analysis and Signal Processing
Monday 5 April              
0830 Registration desk opens
0930-1100 Conference openings and plenary session:   invited speaker Stephanie Forrest
1100-1120 Coffee break
1120-1310 Applications (chair: Stefano Cagnoni)
Evolution Strategies  approach for the solution of  an inverse problem in Near-Field Optics
Demetrio Macias, Alexandre Vial, Dominique Barchiesi
A  Watermark Sharing Scheme to High Quality Halftone Images with Genetic Algorithms
Emi Myodo, Kiyoshi Tanaka
Using GAs to Create a Waveguide Model of the Oral Vocal Tract
Crispin Cooper, David Howard, Andy M.Tyrrell  (nominated for Best Paper EvoIASP2004)
Multi-objective Sensor Planning for Efficient and Accurate Object Reconstruction
Enrique Dunn, Gustavo Olague
Vision-Based Hand Motion Capture Using Genetic Algorithm
Jin-shi Cui, Zeng-qi Sun
1310-1415 Lunch
1415-1545 Genetic Programmming for IASP (chair: Lucia Ballerini) 
Multiclass Object Classification Using Genetic Programming
Mengjie Zhang, Will Smart  (nominated for Best Paper EvoIASP2004)
Using Genetic Programming for Character Discrimination in Damaged Documents
Daniel Rivero, Juan R. Rabunal, Julian Dorado, Alejandro Pazos
Bond-Issuer Credit Rating with Grammatical Evolution
Anthony Brabazon, Michael O'Neill
Program Size and Pixel Statistics in Genetic Programming for Object Detection
Mengjie Zhang, Urvesh Bhowan
1545-1600 Coffee break
1600-1800 Genetic & Evolutionary Image Segmentation / Image Processing
 (chair: Mengjie Zhang )
Genetic optimisation of morphological filters with applications in breast cancer detection
Lucia Ballerini, Lennart Franzen  (nominated for Best Paper EvoIASP2004)
Evolutionary Algorithm-Based Local Structure Modeling for Improved Active Shape Model
Jeongho Shin, Hyunjong Ki, Vivek Maik,Jinyoung Kang, Junghoon Jung, Joonki Paik
Top-Down Evolutionary Image Segmentation using a Hierarchical Social Metaheuristic
Abraham Duarte, Angel Sanchez, Felipe Fernandez, Antonio S.Montemayor, Juan J. Pantrigo
Image segmentation by a Genetic Fuzzy c-Means Algorithm using color and spatial information
Lucia Ballerini, Leonardo Bocchi, Carina B. Johansson
Intrinsic Evolvable Hardware in Digital Filter Design
Yang Zhang, Steve L. Smith, Andy M.Tyrrell
An Algorithm for Segmenting Gaseous Objects on Images
Sung-Min Kim, Wonha Kim
1730-1900 EuroGP Posters Session
1930 plus Conference Reception at Town Hall