2nd European Workshop on Evolutionary Music and Art
Tuesday 6 April              
0930-1100 EvoMusic (chair: Penousal Machado)
Improvisational Media Space : Architecture and Strategies for Evolution
Paul Nemirovsky, Rebecca Luger-Guillaume
Swarm Granulator
Tim Blackwell, Michael Young  (nominated for Best Paper EvoMusArt2004)
1100-1120 Coffee break
1120-1250 Automatic Fitness Assignment (chair: Matthew Lewis)
Adaptive Critics for Evolutionary Artists
Penousal Machado, Juan Romero, María Luisa Santos, Amílcar Cardoso, Bill Manaris
Tilings of Sequences of Co-evolved Images
Gary Greenfield
Automated Aesthetic Selection of Evolutionary Art by Distance Based Classification
of Genomes and Phenomes using the Universal Similarity Metric
Nils Svangard, Peter Nordin  (nominated for Best Paper EvoMusArt2004)
1250-1415 Lunch
1415-1515 Artistic Perspectives (chair: Jon McCormack)
Generative Art: Fuzzy Polygon Clipping in Program Generated Line Oriented Drawings
Hans Eberhardt Dehlinger (nominated for Best Paper EvoMusArt2004)
The Virtual Ecosystem As Generative Electronic Art
Alan Dorin
1515-1530 Coffee break
1530-1630 EvoArt (chair: Tim Blackwell)
Aesthetic Evolution of L-systems Revisited
Jon McCormack
Aesthetic Video Filter Evolution in an Interactive Real-time Framework
Matthew Lewis 
1630-1745 EuroGP Song Contest:
live Interactive Evolutionary Algorithm experiment followed by winning performances
1800 plus Conference Dinner at São Marcos Palace