Eight events, one fabulous location

Brochure in PDF

The EuroGP and EvoCOP conferences and the six workshops collectively entitled EvoWorkshops combine to form Europe's premier co-located events in the field of evolutionary computing.

The next event takes place in Lausanne, Switzerland. Featuring the latest in theoretical and applied research, the topics include recent genetic programming challenges, evolutionary and other meta-heuristic approaches for combinatorial optimization, evolutionary algorithms in the biosciences, in music and art domains, in image analysis and signal processing systems, in hardware optimisation and as applied to a range of industrial and financial optimisation problems.

This website (www.evonet.info/eurogp2005) offers information relevant to all 8 events and will be developed further over future months. A one page brochure brochure is also available to download.

Please return to this page for any important messages concerning the event in general or one of the conferences or workshops in specific. These messages will be posted below:

2005/04/15: Photos

Photos of the event are on several webpages.

2005/03/24: Best Paper Award Nominations

With the exception of EvoCOMNET, each event has nominated a number of papers for a Best of Paper Award, based on the reviewers' comments. The programme and abstract information shows which papers are nominated.

2005/03/16: Events' programme on-line

The programme for individual events is available.

2005/03/14: On-line Springer access

All proceedings are now available on-line through SpringerLink, links are available at the page of each event.

2005/02/21: Co-located event

For those among you who speak French, the last day of the conference coincides with the 14th Journée Evolutionnaire Trimestrielle.