Art Exhibition and Demo Session

The event includes an exhibition and demonstration session, giving an opportunity for the presentation of evolutionary art and music in an informal environment. The submission of works for the exhibition and/or demonstration session is independent from the submission of papers.

Call for Participation

The exhibition will give the authors the opportunity to present their artworks. The demo session will take place during the poster session, providing a space for discussion and giving the opportunity for the live presentation of evolutionary art systems.

We welcome the submission of all types of evolutionary systems and artworks including: music, image, animation, video, multimedia, installation, and performance.

The organization will endeavour to provide basic technical support and supply standard means for the display of works (projectors, personal computers, etc). The authors should take particular care in describing thoroughly the necessary hardware, software and space requirements, so that proper arrangements can be made.

In what concerns printed material, the authors may send prints or image files. In the latter case the maximum size for images is A3. Please note that the organization is not responsible for loss of or damage incurred to entries during transport/shipping.

For the demo session, the authors should rely mostly on their own systems.

Certificates of participation in the ?Exhibition and Demo Session? will be provided.


The submission deadline for the EvoMUSART'05: "Art Exhibition and Demo Session" is February, 15th, 2005.

Submission Procedure

Please fill and send the following form by e-mail to the workshop chairs.

Juan Romero

Penousal Machado

Submission Form

Author(s) Name(s):

Contact email:


Abstract: (Short description of the work, 500 words maximum)

Type of Submission: (Demo Session, Exhibit, Both)

Type of Work: (print, music, software, video, multimedia, installation, web page, etc)

Samples: (Pointer to site describing the work with more detail, examples of images, music, video, etc)

Requirements: (Describe thoroughly the hardware, software and space requirements)

Other Requirements:

Other Comments: