Art Exhibition and Demo Session

Call for Participation

The exhibition component of the conference seeks to explore the processes and the relationships between score, image, text and sound. Focusing on the gaps between output and process, ideas and experience, between abstract concepts and their relation to the tangible, process revealed considers the generative, the algorithmic and the evolved in relation to analytical, performative possibilities. The issue is to examine the complex relationship between time-based and static or visual art forms as they converge and mutate one into the other.

Art works

Generative software


Video and audio works


Works on electronic media, documentation and any software will be published on a EvoMUSART DVD.

Authors of submissions to the EvoMUSART workshop are encouraged to submit works, documentary material and posters which will be curated within the context of the whole exhibition.

Submission Details

Supporting visual, aural or software related material must be submitted for these forms of work in digital format. A brief summary describing the work and its relevance to the conference themes and research environment is also required. Any work that uses generative processes and/or addresses the themes of the conference will be considered.

For all software material it is important that detailed instructions are included i.e. how to operate the work (including specific hardware/software requirements). All audio work, including multi-channel audio, should also be submitted as stereo audio on CD for review purposes. EvoMUSARTwill endeavour to provide basic technical support and supply standard means for the display of works (projectors, personal computers, etc)

If you are interested in presenting ideas about your work and research, you should submit an outline/abstract of no more than 500 words on your presentation.

For works that require a complex installation, please be advised that funding should be sought to secure transport to and from the venue in Budapest with clear instructions as to installation requirements.

Submission Procedure

Please fill and send the following form by e-mail to the EvoMUSART curators:

Tim Blackwell t.blackwell AT gold DOT ac DOT uk

Janis Jefferies j.jefferies AT gold DOT ac DOT uk

Note: the e-mail addresses are masked for spam protection.

Please complete the following

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Abstract: (Short description of the work, 500 words maximum)

Type of Work: (Art work, music, software, video, multimedia, installation, performance etc)

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Requirements: (Describe thoroughly the hardware, software and space requirements)

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