Event Organisation

The organisation of EuroGP2006, EvoCOP2006, and the EvoWorkshops2006 consists of the following members,

EuroGP2006 Program Chairs
Pierre Collet
Pierre.Collet AT univ-littoral DOT fr
Laboratoire d'Informatique du Littoral, France
Marco Tomassini
Marco.Tomassini AT iismail DOT unil DOT ch
Universitey of Lausanne, Switzerland
EuroGP2006 Publication Chair
Marc Ebner
ebner AT informatik DOT uni-wuerzburg DOT de
Universität Würzburg, Germany
EvoCOP2006 Program Chairs
Jens Gottlieb
jens DOT gottlieb AT sap DOT com
SAP AG, Germany
Günther Raidl
raidl AT ads DOT tuwien DOT ac DOT at
Vienna University of Technology
EvoWorkshops2006 Chair
Franz Rothlauf
rothlauf AT uni-mannheim DOT de
University of Mannheim, Germany
Local Chair
Anikó Ekárt
ekart AT sztaki DOT hu
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Publicity Chair
Steven Gustafson
smg AT cs DOT nott DOT ac DOT uk
University of Nottingham, UK
Conference Coordinator
Jennifer Willies
J.Willies AT napier DOT ac DOT uk
Napier University, Edinburgh, UK

Local organisation

The Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA SZTAKI), the Centre of Excellence of the European Union, welcome the EuroGP, EVOCop & EvoWorkshops in Budapest, Hungary, in 10-12 April 2006.

Hungary is situated in the heart of Europe, between East and West, North and South and is a member of the European Union.

Hungarian economy shows the most dynamic and attractive growth in the region especially as regards the information technology and telecommunications. More and more multinational companies establish their research and development centres in Hungary.

Budapest is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful metropolises of the world. The warm hospitality of the people, the excellent food and wine, the reliable and frequent public transportation, the vivid cultural life, the rich museums attract millions of visitors every year.

Easy reach, air and ground, visitor-friendly visa policy, value-for-the-price services and goods, pleasant climate also make Hungary one of the most popular meeting venues worldwide.

Looking forward to seeing you in Budapest,

Director of MTA SZTAKI
Dr. Péter Inzelt
Local Chair
Anikó Ekárt
Local Organisation
Judit Megyery

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