evonet Summer School 2001
27 August - 1 September Thessaloniki, Greece
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Award winners

At the end of the Summer School awards were made to the following teams:

Best paper: Team 2
Awards: Best paperSebastiao Corriea
Olivia Rossi-Doria
Marko Noek
Christian Blum

Best presentation: Team 5
Awards: Best presentationHelen Johnson
Panagiotis Tzionas
David Sweeney
Anna Kwiatkowska

Most innovative solution: Team 4
Awards: Most innovativeMiguel Nicolau
Marcos Qintana
Pavel Petrovic
Santiago Avendano

Best results: Team 3
Awards: Best resultsBelgasen Ali
Jorge Tavares
Andrea Roli
Sana Ben Hamida

Jury prize: Team 7
Awards: Jury prizeAnne Auger
Andrea Toniolo Staggemeier
Jerome Jean-Charles
Nicolas Godzik



Organised by the EvoNet Training Committee in association with the Technological Educational Institution of Thessaloniki, the fourth EvoNet Summer School involved senior researchers from the European evolutionary computing community. A relaxed atmosphere and co-operative problem-solving between team members provided for an effective and memorable experience. The EvoNet Summer Schools are aimed at PhD students, postdocs, researchers and industry practitioners who want to benefit from using evolutionary computing techniques. Numbers are limited to maximise the advantages of a closely tutored environment.

Benefits include:

  • maximum learning from practical sessions
  • introductory lectures for first-time users and advanced tutorials for more experienced researchers
  • hands-on problem-solving in small teams
  • interesting topics and easy tools for writing evolutionary algorithms
  • guidance from some of the best known scientists in European evolutionary computing
  • useful experience in preparing academic papers under tight deadlines and making audience presentations
  • opportunities for collaboration and networking with others from a variety of backgrounds and experiences
  • good fun and camaraderie in sunny Greece
  • registration fee includes all sessions, tutorial notes, accommodation and meals

Aims of the summer school

  • To introduce the principles of evolutionary computing to first time users, and provide advanced problem solving for more experienced researchers
  • To provide a selection of interesting real-life problems and appropriate tools
  • To demonstrate the important of teamwork, collaboration and pooling resources
  • To provide experience of preparing an academic paper under tight deadlines
  • To emphasise the importance of a good presentation
  • To provide maximum learning from practical, hands-on sessions

If you have not done so already, please fill in the Summer School 2001 feedback form and return it to the EvoNet Napier office (see the contacts page on EvoWeb for address).